Vision & Mission



  • At BCS we have foresight in believing in the future generation.
  • Our learners have the opportunity to become the best, by applying their minds and becoming
  • Receptive to change in our ever evolving world.  We believe we have the best educators that are embedded with a deep passion for teaching.  They are willing and able to impart their teaching skills to every learner in our school despite their race, colour or religious affiliation.
  • Mutual respect for knowledge between learners and educators is crucial to our success.
  • We will produce holistic learners as our desired ultimate creation.
  • When used decisively knowledge is power. 


  • We are on a quest to influence and assure the best education through BCS.
  • Every child in our country has a right to education.  The best Education!!!
  • We are eager and excited to make that promise a true reality.
  • We will strive to enrich and develop every learner at our school with skills,
  • Knowledge and a passion for learning.
  • Our Motto is to ensure we are never  “Too Soon Old” and “Too Late Smart”